This website has been created for the love of Indian football.

A goalkeeper in flight is one of the more beautiful images in football. When he leaps off his feet and strains every sinew of his body to follow the trajectory of the ball, there are only two possible outcomes. He is either going to save or concede a goal, but is leaving nothing on the table with his effort. Either way, it is a spectacle for all involved and the quality of the game is enhanced. Flying Goalie has been created by invoking that spirit.

How does a populace decide that the Indian game is worth following? Is it when the quality is comparable to what is already available around the world? Or is it when the results make the national team a more enticing prospect? It is a bit of a chicken and egg situation. While the onus is on the administrators, players and coaches to take Indian football forward, sustained attention from the media and fans can help accelerate that process.

Towards that end, we will focus on bringing you content that makes following Indian football a fruitful and fulfilling proposition. Fulfilling? A first ever appearance at a FIFA World Cup. That is the dream. Like that goalkeeper taking flight, I do not know if we will get there, but on our part, we will not be leaving anything on the field.